Pianist – Composer – Conductor – Producer

Welcome to my new site!  Have a look around.  You will find new music and photos to listen to and feel.  In this last year there have been many changes in my music and career and you will find a gradual transition that reflects that change as you check back now and then to this new site.  After twenty-plus years in New York, I now split my time between New York City and Los Angeles and have begun working as a composer and producer in TV and Film.  And in the last year I've co-produced an Oscar 2013 event and a new full-length feature film with Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions at Paramount Studios. As new projects come forth I will continue to update the information on this site.  

Please join the mailing list, sign the guestbook, listen to mp3’s and buy a CD or two.  Stay tuned for exciting updates in music, news and touring dates!

Enjoy the music!
-John Gentry