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Mi Rojita

Latin-jazz piano trio at its finest. Inspired, passionate latin grooves and modern melodies featuring two legendary guest artists. The project is in under production. Look back soon for its completion and availability.
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Romantic, Mediterranean Impressionism drawing major influences from Parisian 'cafe' society and Italian arias. What unites these disparate elements is an unfettered sense of 'joie de vivre', an eagerness to embrace life to the fullest...
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PopJazz: When the form of Pop music meets the spirit of Jazz... Instrumental jazz featuring acoustic grand piano, rhodes and organ with deep bass grooves. Three cuts feature New York's finest vocalists-Aisha de Haas, Reggie Royal and Muriel Fowler.
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Real World Trio

Piano trio jazz with tinges of Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, and Ahmad Jamal. This is the first release of John Gentry Tennyson and his Real World trio, featuring Tony Scherr on bass and Terry Silverlight on drums.
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Jazz Lounge, Vol. 1

A jazzy Ibiza-style chillout record with featured vocals by BJ Crosby, Aisha de Haas and Queen Esther. A must-have for those who love jazz and ambient music.
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Mi Ibiza

Lush strings and romantic melodies set to the hypnotic, pulsating beats that have made the small, Balearic Island of Ibiza famous the world over.
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Solo piano works based on poetry by the late Italian writer, Caterina Nagliatti. This collection of eight compositions is part of a larger multimedia installation created by Roman artist, Carlo Arcesi.
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Ebbe und Flut

Mystical trance tracks following the 'ebbe und flut' (high tide, low tide) of musical emotions and soundscapes by the undeniable King of Trance, DJ Taucher, featuring solo piano by John Gentry Tennyson.
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Canzoni Per Bambini, Vol. I

Canzoni Per Bambini is a collection of twenty original Italian songs for children recorded by NYC’s finest studio musicians from Sesame Street, the NYC Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Radio City Music Hall.
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Canzoni Per Bambini, Vol. II

Canzoni Per Bambini, Volume II is a new collection of twenty original Italian songs for children in the continuing educational series presented by Centro Raccontami, the Italian Language & Cultural Arts Center in New York City.
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